Internal Kung Fu Secrets Revealed

Master Longfei Yang

Longfei Yang is a master of internal ‘Shan Xi Seven Star Praying Mantis’, having trained under Grandmaster Li Shusen—a 5th generation practitioner. He has also trained extensively in external Wu Shu styles, including the Shaolin “Iron Palm,” “Iron Fist,” ”Iron Body,” as well as Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, “the Drunken Fighter.” 

Featured in the media, including on US and South African television and martial arts magazines, Longfei Yang has directed martial arts action sequences in various films. Longfei Yang is the first master to establish a school of Shan Xi Seven Star Praying Mantis outside of mainland China. 

After years of intensive training and travelling the globe, he is now a judge for international martial arts competitions and founded the Xin Wu Men Martial Arts Association to promote traditional martial arts culture and philosophy worldwide.

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